Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kenna Kicked Cancer Benefit Sale

It really has been too long since our last post and we are so happy and excited to tell you that Kenna Kicked Cancer! She is in remission and we are so very grateful! It was a long, hard battle. Kenna was very sick for a very long time. She was so strong and did her best to fight it, going about her normal activities even though she didn't feel like it. She went to volleyball camp with a spinal headache (she had a lot of those) and did many other activities fighting through the pain. She was strong and determined.

To celebrate her remission I (her grandmother) am doing a benefit sale and giving my commissions to children who are battling leukemia. I will donate my commissions to a local children's hospital and they have agreed to use the money to help leukemia patients.

I am a stylist for Stella and Dot so to support this benefit please go to click on find your hostess and type in Kenna Kicks, or type in Kenna Kicks as your hostess at the checkout.

The new Summer Capsule collection just came out and I am sure you will be able to find something beautiful for yourself or someone you love and you will help support kids with cancer at the same time. Have questions please feel free to contact me at