Wednesday, November 18, 2009

McKenna Studies Shakespeare

In our homeschool we are taking a Shakespeare class taught by McKenna's Aunt Amy. Her two daughters Karina and Katie are in the class and other teenagers from Seattle. Although we can't physically be in the class, we can listen in over the phone sometimes and share in the assignments. We have read As You Like It and are now reading Macbeth.

Here is one of McKenna's assignments. She composed a modern version of the speech from As You Like It about the seven ages of man. Here it is:

All the world's a mall. All the men and women are merely shop-a-holics. They open and walk through the entrance doors and exit as they please. There are seven parts to this life of cha-ching!

First there is the infant being hauled around the mall in a stroller all day by his mother, who is busy trying to find the cutest outfit for her precious little baby.

Second, there is the toddler, who thinks that the mall is the perfect place for hide-and-go seek, running around and hiding in between clothes racks, until you hear a "Can Stacey please come to the food court?" on the intercom, only meaning that mother has lost her little toddler.

Third, there is the whiney little schoolgirl, hanging on the side of her little sibling's stroller, and complaining always unless mommy is buying something for her.

Fourth, there is the teenage girl, with all her friends, spending much more than her Coldstone salary, shopping at Forever 21.

Fifth, there is the newlywed as she shops for the perfect dress to wear to dinner with her husband.

Sixth, there is the mom, with her three little kids following behind as she shops for herself, at Banana Republic, and looks throught the clothes at the Gymboree for her tots.

Seventh, there is the grandmother, old and weak, shopping with her husband, realizing just how much joy the mall has brought to her over the years.

The end is when she dies. Her spirit will always be in her favorite store.

Another assignment we did was to take the violent images which the captain in Act 1 Scene 2 of Macbeth uses to describe the battle to the king. We tried to illustrate each image:

And Fortune on his quarrel smiling.

They meant to bathe in reeking wounds
Or memorise another Golgotha.

As two spent swimmers that do cling together
And choke their art.

Yes, as sparrows, eagles, or the hare, the lion.
If I say sooth, I must report they were

Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15, 2008

On Friday at clinic McKenna was supposed to start her next phase of treatment. (She wasn't able to start yet, because her ANC is 50 and it has to be at least 750 to start. We'll go back Friday and they'll see if her counts are high enough.) It is called Interim Maintenance. It includes a couple of meds that she hasn't had yet, so we don't know how she will react. It is, however, supposed to be less intense. Good timing for the holidays!
Next Sunday we will be leaving for Disney World. We have been looking forward to this trip for a long time. For a number of years we have been trying to do a Disney cruise with Jason's family as a family reunion. It took a little while to get the timing right to make sure no one was pregnant or had a baby too young to go. This is the year. We talked to McKenna's doctor about going and she said it really wouldn't be possible for her to do a cruise. If she were to get sick, she would need to be in a city where she could get good medical care and her doctor could communicate with the local doctors to treat her accordingly. She did say that it would be just fine to take her to Disney we decided to go to Florida a week early so McKenna could participate in the vacation before the rest of the family leaves on the cruise. Her grandparents and two cousins, Katie and Karina, will also come to Disney World with us. We are really excited to have this time together. McKenna is already trying to talk her younger sisters into riding the "scary" rides with her. (I think she actually made Maddie sign a contract saying she would go on all the rides McKenna went on. I think Maddie is having "signers remorse".)
On Saturday the cruise ship will leave and McKenna and I will stay until Sunday morning. We are planning some fun things to do while everyone else is away. I told her that she didn't have to be disappointed that she wasn't going to swim with the dolphins. We could totally do that here!! The dolphins might be plastic and miniature and we might be swimming in the bathtub....but we could swim with the dolphins! (I think I really am going to make her do that and yes...I will put it on the blog!)

Monday, November 9, 2009


The past week and a half has been a bit of a pain. Because Kenna is allergic to one of the chemos she has to take the replacement. Unfortunately the replacement is 6 shots (Actually shot in each leg.), as opposed to 1 dose of the other med. Because of the allergic reaction risk she has to get these at the hospital. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) We will finish the first round on Wednesday. She was quite nauseated and sick last week. We are starting to watch her weight and food consumption more carefully. I bought her whole milk and Ensure the other day to try and sneak into some smoothies and she gave me the "if-you-think-I'm-drinking-that, you're-crazy" look. She did start feeling better by the weekend. Thank goodness!
As you noticed in the pictures posted previously McKenna still has her hair. We think that is may just thin. (Thank goodness for thick hair.) That would be such a blessing. That has been one of the most traumatic things for Kenna to deal with since she was diagnosed. It would be wonderful to have one less thing to cope with.