Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too Long Since Our Last Post

I know! I know! It has been too long since our last post. Life caught up and it has been crazy after Thanksgiving as it has been for so many. So....we will write the "Top 5 Happenings Since our Last Post". Here we go...
1. Our trip to Disneyworld: Had a blast. McKenna felt great (Her counts were too low to get chemo the 2 weeks before.) We were able to get a "Guest Assistance" pass so it sped up our wait in lines. (The pass was something one of Kenna's cousins mentioned as one of the things she was most grateful for on Thanksgiving! :) ) We walked too much, ate too much, laughed a ton, and were so grateful to have this time together.
2. Big plans for week while others on cruise foiled by chemo: Kenna had 3 days of treatment the week we came back. I guess starting it up again after 3 weeks of nothing shocked her body. She didn't want to do most of the things we planned. We did go shopping for a couple of hours one day to find her a dress and saw the movie, "New Moon". We also watched way too many episodes of "Super Nanny". Kenna is a total expert now.
3. Lombardi Awards Banquet: McKenna attended the college football Lombardi awards with some other teens from the cancer clinic on the 9th of December. Her aunt Amy met her at her grandma's house that morning and did her hair while McKenna finished a bit more school work. She got chemo that afternoon and then changed at the hospital and left for the awards at 5:00. She had a really great time.
4. Hanging out with Friends: McKenna's counts were high when we returned from Disney. 4000 ANC!! She has been attending church, hanging out with friends, and making trips to Target.
5. Finishing this semester of school: Kenna finished school on December 17th for the holiday break. Looking forward to the holidays with her Grandpa and Grandma Johnson, Aunt and Uncle and cousins, and family and friends. Is anxious to start cooking our Christmas Eve and Christmas Feasts while she still feels up to it.
Much love to you all. Wishing you the happiest of holidays!!!!


  1. I was just wearing my shirt the other day and thought about you McKenna. Love you!

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